The Hidden Hand

There is no doubt that the only path of Salvation for mankind is the path God has showed us – Siraat Al Mustaqeem. This is the same path we want to stay on till we leave this world with honor and are received in the hereafter with honor. This path is the path of worship and nothing else that gives us slaves a honorable life and reunion in the afterlife. It is definitely not our culture, hobbies, ideas, theories, our own passions and lusts that is going to grant us salvation. Worship is the key to everything. We need to understand whether we are Gods or slaves and when we realize we are slaves we need to adjust our lives as slaves of God. Today the need of a pure Islamic belief free from wrong innovations, bad cultural deeds and the like is more needed than ever. People are starting to move towards a universal integration and the nature of man always will somehow drive it towards truth, the search of something spiritual in a material world that would satisfy its spiritual needs. Unfortunately but expected Islam has always been a target of the enemies of true monotheism. They have waged physical war against Islam and pumped millions of money so that Islam can be changed from within. This will cause Muslims to be confused. This will cause Muslims to be occupied with internal problems and to cleanse the religion so that people can clearly distinct which actions are cultural and maybe illegal actions and practices, instead of focusing on spreading the beautiful and universal message of Islam – Monotheism. Today we need works that inform the Muslim as well the non-Muslim people what is Islamic and what has been promoted as Islam or Islamic acts more than ever before. This is one of such books that gives a clear picture of how things that are not Islamic is often shown to the people as Islamic and those who oppose such actions and deeds are humiliated and fought against by use of illegal means. May Allah hasten the arrival of the purifier of the religion and the universe.

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